Scope of Service

  • Wearable and non wearable clothes have separate charges per Kg
  • Pickup Agent will count the clothes and measure the weight using portable weighing machine.
  • Customer need to sign in  pickup agents App after pickup is done.
  • Customer must count the clothes at the time of delivery.
  •  All communication with the customer will be done via Email or in-App Messaging.
  • Chemical : Professional grade chemicals used i.e. Tide.
  • Equipment used : Industrial washing machines and dryers.

Terms and Conditions

  • “Washateria” will not take any responsibility, if cloths given directly to delivery boy without placing order with Us.
  • You must book order via Website. Never book an order via call.
  • “Washateria” is not responsible for fastness of colour or shrinkage of garments & does not guarantee 100% removal of stains.
  • “Washateria” cannot be held responsible for breakage of buttons, hooks, beads, trimmings or threads-out. “Washateria” cannot be held responsible for delay, loss or damage to any arising from unforeseen circumstances or from causes beyond control like power breakdowns etc…
  • Any exchange of cloths should be reported to “Washateria” customer care within 24 hours of laundry delivery.
  • Customers are requested to count the cloths at the time of delivery, any shortage should be reported to “Washateria” customer care at the time of delivery.
  • Customers are requested to examine their garments before taking delivery and we are not responsible for any damage reported after delivery.
  • 10 times of the washing rate will be given for particular articles lost/damaged if claimed within 24 hours of delivery.
  • All communication will happen via SMS only, So request you to check all the SMSs.
  • Compensation = 10 times of service charge as per dry cleaning rate of missing one.